Manthos G. Sardis

D. I. Colorist | Online Editor


γιαννης χαλκιαδακης

Yannis Chalkiadakis | Film Editor

  • 15 Long Feature Movies | 25 Short movies | 2 Documentary
  • Awarded as «Best Editor«  in the «Hellenic Film Academy» and the «Greek Advertising Awards» and the «Short Film Awards».
  • Most of the films he has edit, have been nominated and awarded in highly acclaimed Film Festivals such us the Cannes Film Festival, Berlinale Film Festival, the Venice Film Festival and more…
  • Yannis Chalkiadakis is the editor of Yannis Econimides, Babis Makridis, Kiros Papavasilliou and Giorgos Zois. All of them notable European film directors, who have been awarded many times nationally and internationally.
I’d like to stress out the importance of the film editor Manthos Sardis. He has been my assistant in films and commercials and I was always amazed of his remarkable work, combining both strong storytelling understanding with excellence structure ability, and work ethic. He is always very prompt and very fast when it comes to deadlines and very effective in his work.He is also very respectful and is able to create good professional relationships and make the clients feel at ease. His technical efficiency is rare and he is a problem solver.
I’m recommending Manthos Sardis as I believe he is an extraordinary and effective editor that creates results on time.


Evgenios Dionisopoulos | Director of Photography

  • 7 Long Feature Movies | 12 TV Shows | 10 TV Episode Series
  • 2001 «Best Director of Photography« Αward winner for TV episode series.
  • 2003 Award winner at FIPRESKI [FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE LA PRESSE CINEMATOGRAPHIQUE] in Thessaloniki International Film Festival.
  • Best Music Video Award winner in Alternative Music Category in MAD TV AWARDS 2011.
  • 1998  Larissa Short Film Festival.
Manthos Sardis is one of the best editors and colourists in Greece,confident,dedicated and experienced.We worked along for over 7 years in TV episode series,TV Shows,Corporate Videos,Commercials and become friends very soon.He is always nice,polite,very professional,open minded with sense of humor.It is always pleasure to work with him!


George Panteleakis | Director – Actor

  • 4 Documentaries | 3 Short Movies
  • Awards winner with the short movie «Zoe» for «A’ Female Role», «B’ Male Role», «Make Up» at Kotroni Fantastic Film Festival 2008
  • Award winner with the short movie «About The Weapons» for «Script Prize» at 29th International Drama Film Festival.
  • Award winner with the Film «Galini» for «Best Actor» at Black Box Film Festival 2012 
  • Participations in a lot of Intentional Film Festivals.
With Manthos «The man» Sardis we collaborated on my last Full Length Documentary called «Boxer» 90 min long.We worked on the Final Color Grading of the movie.He is a higly skilled INDIVIDUAL, very cooperative and above all very patient with an absence of Ego while having initiative at the same time.I consider him a valuable  colleague and associate and will work with him again..


George Pantoulas | Visual Artist

  • EBGE Award Winner for «Best Editorial illustration 2011«
  • 1st place at SND for «Best Designer Newspaper in the world at 2008«.
  • 1 Silver (7 awards of excellence) at European Newspaper Awards for «Best Designer Newspaper in Europe at 2008«.
  • 2 awards of excellence at European Newspaper Awards for «Best Designer Newspaper in Europe 2007«.
Manthos has the «eye». He is a very talented video editor, great at catching the moment. He has quality and is a hard worker. I enjoyed working with him for my promo video ΜΥΘόgraphic. We’ll cooperate again soon.