Film – Documentary
Director: George Pantaleakis
D.O.P. – Editor : George Panteleakis
Colorist: Manthos G. Sardis
The «look»: 
«You can never know what is inside a Boxer’s soul, it is like the dark side of the moon, you cannot see what is there».
Angelo Charisis
This phrase inspired me a lot on the grading of the «Boxer» documentary!
You never know what someone can hide in his dark sides of his soul… 
When Yiorgos (de la Grecia) Panteleakis the Director and Cinematographer of the documentary»Boxer», showed me the footage I was fascinated by the «dark» and highly contrasted look that he wanted to achieve! 
Yiorgos shot the scenes lighting in a chiaroscuro manner, a noir look so appropriate for the subject. Extreme low-key and high-contrast lighting create distinct areas of light and darkness to achieve a sense of volume in three-dimensional objects, such as the body and face of the Boxers. I was amazed!
It was a look that will boost the storytelling, making the dark side of a Boxer’s soul evident. 
We worked hard for about a month and it was great that Yiorgos gave me the opportunity to «dive» on that project and feel free to express myself in a way to achieve the look. 
Problems Solved: We had a lot of chromatic and light aberrations because of a lens adapter issue. So I had to go frame by frame correct the light or the color which was a big challenge for a ProRess material. 

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 10.55.01 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 10.57.21 PM